If you use ‘Free Speech’ as a cover for Incitement of Hated and Violence, you’re not concerned at all about ‘Free Speech’.

Just *your* Speech.

If you claim ‘Freedom of Expression’ yet incited death threats to Colin Kaepernick who simply knelt down, you’re not concerned at all about ‘Freedom of expression’

Just *your* Freedom of Expression.

If you demand reinstatement of a Twitter account after demanding Black Lives Matter accounts were banned, you’re not concerned about Free Speech.

Just that ensuring your voice is louder.

If you claim a Twitter Account amounts to ‘Free Speech’ as a First Amendment Right…

I’m a Londoner. But am I ‘British’ ? ‘Anglo-Saxon’ ? No. My genealogy is Irish, so am I ‘Celtic’ ? No.

I’m European. Well, that’s Science for you, always delivering the result you don’t expect.

Because the Anglo-Saxon race, like the Celtic race, no longer exists.

And yet, in my schooldays the history of ‘England’ — if not of the whole of Britain — had been about this mythical ‘Anglo-Saxon Race’. I was taught about the Celts (for about five minutes, I think. And the Danes, for maybe a lesson or two. …

After Russian Soldiers’ Guarded Trump’s Hollywood Star on the Walk of Fame in July, now another prankster has placed a set of prison bars over it …

Street artist Plastic Jesus said his art was “quickly damaged by a Trump supporter,” but he added that the same person appeared to struggle with removing the bars for hours “to the amusement of thousands of passing tourists.

He added he attached the bars to the star by applying an instant-drying “industrial strength double-sided sticky tape.

This is not the first time Plastic Jesus has installed protest art around Trump’s star. In 2016, he constructed a wall around the star to protest the president’s proposed U.S.-Mexico border wall.

Anyone on Social Media — especially Twitter — will not have failed to notice the big, red X appear in some account names.

It’s the new ‘Kek’ ;

It’s the new ‘Deplorables’ ;

It’s the new ‘You may as well just block me right now and get it over with.

Amid rumors on Twitter ‘meddling in politics’ and being ‘biased against US Republicans’, the X push started in late June, when two German Twitter users — supporters of the neo-Nazi AfD Party — created a website they claimed (since debunked) could tell whether individual Twitter handles had been subjected to…

Three French neo-Nazis who murdered anti-fascist Clément Méric in 2013 received minimal sentences this week of 11 and 6 years. They were members of the Revolutionary Nationalist Youth (JNR).

Neo-Nazi leader Serge Ayoub

He deserved it.

The sentences were minimal because the court refused to recognize the overtly political character of the murder.

After less than 10 hours’ deliberation, the court decided on 11 years for Esteban Morillo and 7 years for Samuel Dufour. A third defendant, Alexandre Eyraud was acquitted.

The prosecutor described the fatal beating thus …

The group was the motive force of the action. There…

This week the Tories gave their full support to wannabe Dictator Viktor Orban in the EU, a confirmed antiSemite, after months of falsely attacking Labour for antisemitism.

If you ever doubted Orban’s hatred of all Jews, here’s his quotation from an interview in March 2017 …

They do not fight directly but by stealth.

They are not honourable, but unprincipled.

They are not national, but international.

They do not believe in work, but speculate with money.

They have no homeland, but feel that the whole world is theirs.

They are not generous, but vengeful, and always attack the heart, especially…

We’ve been speaking recently over several meetings with an ex Daily Mail back-office technical person who has given us some interesting insights as to operations under the editor, Paul Dacre.

Among other things (many of which we have to run past the lawyers first!) he/she states, quite categorically, that a substantial number of the commentors on Daily Mail stories, especially those with no avatar or ID, are system responses, Mail staffers or paid contractors. On some days, it’s over 50%, even 75%.

The Project — suitably named Abyss — was set up in 2015 and has run since. Estimated costs…

The Far-Right is attempting to return to Football. Fake ‘Anti-Terrorist’ rhetoric from the ‘Football Lads Alliance’ quickly became Anti-Muslim Hatred, unwavering Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson) support and the kind of standard behavior you’d expect at an EDL ‘demonstration’ — drunken staggers, violence, fighting with police, the usual.

But these are the fans fighting it :

The Football Lads And Lasses Against Fascism (on Facebook and Twitter)

The ‘Thugs Alliance’ was founded after the London Bridge Attack. Yet what started as “a platform for ordinary, working-class football fans” quickly became ambushed by the Far Right.

Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson)…

I think we have to concede that Labour will not win a snap General Election. Or any election under Jeremy Corbyn.

Why ? Not because of his politics and economics, which are seen as Centrist in Europe, and backed by economists as the best way forward for all.

But simply because he is being, and will be, successfully destroyed by a concerted Right Wing Media Campaign on him personally, and mostly based on falsehoods, already proven so.

The Right were unable to beat him politically. They were scared of him. They chose another route. For a man who’s been the…

It’s not your fault.

If you voted to leave the EU, it’s really not your fault.

I’m not blaming you. The people who are responsible for Brexit are the ones that LIED to you. The people that need to be held to account are the heads of the snake.

They told you that Turkey was joining the EU and 70 million Turkish Muslims would be coming to the UK. Not true. And they call Remain “Project Fear”.

They told you that 29 million Bulgarians and Romanians were coming to live in your basement. Not true.

John O'Connell

Campaigner against Racism & Hate Speech. Founding Editor at http://www.farrightwatch.net . Journalist, Entrepreneur, Biker, Minimalist, Mentor.

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